Die Heuwels Fantasties-New Album: Herverbeel – November 2020.

The new album “Herverbeel” by Die Heuwels Fantasties, is a great musical ride that includes acoustic renditions and exciting collaborations in the re-imagining of some of their most popular songs. The idea was to rework some of their older songs, to give it a whole new vibe and feel. Classic Heuwels hits, refreshed and rebooted.   Collaborations have become characteristic of Die Heuwels and with this new release, many well-known artists including Tresor, Tarryn Lamb, Laudo Liebenberg, Ampie, Die Krefies, Loki en Margot Rothman, among others, can be heard on the new versions of the tracks. For fans who are

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Amandala releases new album “Stronger.”

Amandala releases new album “Stronger.” AMANDALA’s third professional studio release, a 7 track EP titled Stronger, is aimed at the concept of coming full circle and stepping into one’s power. The album is a picturesque musical landscape in a style that draws influences from indie pop and indie folk-rock. Stronger was recorded in both US and South Africa and was released on digital platforms in September 2020. The recording began at Earwig Studio in Seattle, before continuing its journey at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch. Coming full circle, the songs were mastered by Ed Brooks from Resonant Mastering (Death Cab

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